Building a Book Empire

I’m so excited to finally say Happy Book Birthday to my first novel, The Falling Dawn: Celestial Scripts Book One! It’s been a long journey to get to this point and finally seeing it on Amazon (with Prime shipping, you guys, Prime!) made me smile this big goofy grin.

As a first-time author, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in the marketing realm of things. I created my Amazon Author page, my Goodreads Author page, and I lurked around the BookBub website. I’ve queried blog review sites and have created t-shirt—t-shirts, I say!—along with business cards for when I go promote the book at a local science fiction fantasy convention.

What else is out there for a newbie author learning the ropes? Any advice you writers out there have that you wish someone had told you?

I know this is a long con game and that I’ll be promoting these scribbles of mine until the end of my days, but at this point, I’m in the mindset to sneak my books anywhere someone might read them…the free book libraries around the corner from my work, the actual library, the local bookstores!

It’s such a rush seeing your novels live online. Something about it feels like you’re setting out to sea and your words have been packed in trunks, while your edits are the fat that have been left back on shore. It’s a voyage into the great unknown, sailing into the horizon of authordom, and it feels incredible. I’m going to relish in it. Soon enough, the journey will become hard again, my stocks of words will dwindle, and I’ll be back to square one.

But for now, look at that beautiful cover. Check out that link. Maybe I should get that ISBN number tattooed on me (978-1948929868). We’re building an empire, dear Reader, one book at a time.


Kindle ebook:

Smashwords ePub:




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