Guest Blog Post with Rising Shadow!

It was a pleasure to be featured on Rising Shadow this past week! My guest blog post “The Siren’s Song of the Trunk Novel” covered how I answered the enchanting call of my trunk novel, and how I completed it to be what is now my first novel, now published with Crossroad Press.


I put my book away. No more, I said, no more of this tale of two-tailed mermaids who transform into great white sharks, no more of this angelic civil war and pre-Biblical lore, no more.

I imagine my writer’s trunk to be a Victorian round-top steel and dark wood luggage piece when in actuality it’s my laptop, but either way I slammed the lid down. This ten-year saga of writing my first novel was over. Nothing would come of this huge monstrous tale: The Falling Dawn had indeed fallen.

Link to Rising Shadow guest post:

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