The Impromptu Beach Bum Book Tour

Oh, Impromptu Beach Bum Book Tour! You marvelous adventure, you!

This summer I took a vacation to Hawaii to visit my mom, who lives on O’ahu. We island hopped to Kaua’i for a couple days. My ultimate goal was simple: visit as many beaches as possible and swim in the ocean as much as I could.

My mom was a little over halfway through The Falling Dawn, and thankfully, much to my apprehension of my artist soul, was enjoying it. She brought her copy along to read while we relaxed on the beach and what started as taking fun pictures for later use on this blog evolved into beach bumming with the Impromptu Beach Bum Book Tour where I beach bummed around with the book. It looks like I just wore two dresses the whole time, but I swear I had other clothes. I just wore the same two dresses to the beach. And I thank her for letting me use her book as my prop.

You can check out the Tour on Instagram. Here are the beaches we visited:


  • The sun was so bright I had to squint to see! The waves were high, but we were protected by the little cove.

Bellows Beach

  • Beautiful blue water! The waves were too rough to swim, but we stood as far as we dared, the waves pushing us over as we jumped them.

Laniakea Beach and Turtle Bay

  • North Shore fun! We saw green turtles spy-hopping and lounging on the beach. At Turtle Bay, we swam and claimed a piece of shade. We had shaved ice and shrimp!

Shipwreck Beach, Kealia Beach

  • First day on Kaua’i and we drove along the lava-rock coastline and wave-jumped on the beach. It was another hot day, and I couldn’t resist another shaved ice.

Poipu Beach and the Fern Grotto

  • Island tour which showed old foundation ruins of the ancient Hawaiians, the landing point of James Cook and finished at the Fern Grotto. Sunsets on Poipu Beach!

Napali Coast

  • Boat ride out to the Napali Coast with some goregous blue water. The guides told me an interesting tale about one of the sea caves, how the tribe would hang meat from the entrance and attract sharks. Then, they’d close the cave off with a net and the warriors had to wrestle a tiger shark. How much truth is in it? Not sure. Additionally, we saw a sperm whale while coming back into shore!

Kualoa Beach

  • With a great view of the Chinaman’s Hat, we swam and watched a storm roll in behind the green mountains.


  • We lost time swimming at Waikiki, and had a great time walking downtown and people watching

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