Sidewalk Sale at Fact & Fiction in Missoula

This past Saturday, I was happy to be selling and signing books outside one of Missoula’s independent bookstores, Fact & Fiction. I started at 10am and ended at 4pm. The farmer’s market was still going strong, so it was pleasant to people-watch into the afternoon. Friends and families walked by with homegrown produce and gorgeous flowers, drinking coffee or snacking on pastries or kebobs from the many food trucks parked downtown at Caras Park.

A lot of people stopped by to ask about the book—I had a big A-frame stand with some awesome posters to draw them in—and other simply responded to my ‘hello’ and ‘good morning’ as they walked by. Yes, I was that awkward person greeting people out of nowhere that they either responded to or ignored, by luckily, Missoula is a friendly place.

I had an old wood table to display my wares, a tee-shirt with the cover on front acted as my tablecloth, and then the two small displays had my biography and the other The Falling Dawn‘s synopsis. I scattered business cards all around, and signed books with my “Slytherin” snake fountain pen.

I only had ten books on hand. My new order of books hadn’t arrived yet, but I wasn’t worried. Throughout the day, I sold everything I had.

One guy picked The Falling Dawn up and commented on how he liked how vivid the first page was and he’d been awake for 24 hours and counting, so of course he’d buy a book!

Another guy picked up the book and bought it because he liked reading my bio and that we had a similar science background.

Another couple stopped by and told me they were visiting from Austin, Texas and that they’d have to pick it up online. They loved Missoula’s little downtown, and congratulated me on the book release. The guy, who was insanely tall, said he was writing a novel, and we chatted about the pros and cons of going after your dreams.

I’m always surprised at the people who are drawn to the cover. They’re varied and all much different than I’d imagined. I loved it! A very successful outing and a shoutout to Fact & Fiction for letting me hang out in front of their store all day.

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