Montana Book Festival 2020

Catch me at the 2020 Montana Book Festival this week at 3pm MST on Zoom. I’ll be rubbing shoulders with Hank Green and Hugh Howey as we play Mad Libs together. The event is called “Fill in the ___: A Live Literary Mashup.” Click the link to register!

The details: Join contemporary science fiction and fantasy authors Hank Green, Hugh Howey, and Gwendolyn N. Nix in an interactive game of Mad Libs! Missoula author Jeremy N. Smith will guide everyone through a series of writing prompts and word switcheroos, resulting in funny stories and surprising connections. Attend this event and join the fun—come away with a story of your own, co-written by your favorite authors!

Why you should come: You’ll be able to laugh at me as I struggle to remember what gerunds and adjectives and adverbs are and embarrass myself in front of my peers. We’ll be creating a story out of of Mad Libs, and you can join along and create one, too!

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