I Have Asked To Be Where No Storms Come is on the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards

I Have Asked To Be Where No Storms Come is on the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards in Novel – Superior Achievement category!

I know everyone acts like they never saw it coming, but I never saw it coming. I have this tendency to get emails regarding my personal writing work in general, or responses from agents and presses, and I squint my eyes at my inbox like looking at the sun, hunch over, and go “Oh well here’s for another rejection…” even before opening the email! I did exactly this when the preliminary information went out and I about lost my mind.

I didn’t realize how much I’d struggled with this book had been until I saw that nomination. I spent most of my maternity leave in the deep dark nights of rocking and soothing my newborn sending out review requests and interview requests, tapping out blog posts and designing pleasing Instagram promotional pictures, and feeling like I just wasn’t doing enough. And I just kind of mentally shrugged and put my nose to the grindstone because anything was better than nothing. After all, would’ve, could’ve, and should’ve ran away from one little did.

And then this happened.  

I mean, being on a ballot with Stephen King? Gwendolyn Kiste? Alan Baxter? Nick Roberts? I’m not kidding that I ran around my office like a hamster, squealing “eeeeeee.”

Thank you, Bram Stoker board! Thank you HWA! Thank you readers! Thank you reviewers! Thank you Crystal Lake Publishing!

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