Gwendolyn Nix has tagged sharks in Belize, studied evolution in green algae, and researched neural proteins. She is the author of The Falling Dawn: Celestial Scripts Book One soon to be released from Crossroad Press. Her short fiction has appeared in the anthology Sisterhood of the Blade, and she has earned Semi-Finalist and Honorable Mentions in the Writers of the Future contest. Previously an editor for Ragnarok Publications, she is currently a senior editor for Outland Entertainment. An avid adventurer and saxophonist, she lives in Missoula, MT.

The Longer Version

Daughter of a librarian, Gwendolyn spent her summers cataloguing books and soon began scribbling her own. She earned her BA in English Creative Writing and Biology from the University of Montana and her MA in Marine Conservation and Policy from Stony Brook University. She’s began as a lab rat, from attempting to crystallize neural proteins to doing data analysis on shark fins sent from East Coast fisheries to determine shark species identity, population, and density. She worked on citizen science projects for the Wildlife Conservation Society, specifically the Great Egg Case Hunt, which sent her on missions to collect skate eggcases on the beach. After that, she researched how to induce environmental pressures that would lead to evolution—expressed both genetically and physically—in green algae.

Books have always been a lifelong passion, which led her to Ragnarok Publications as a jack-of-all-trades freelancer, finally specializing in editorial work. Then, she transferred to Outland Entertainment, where she is a Senior Editor, and is pleased to add graphic novels, comics, and RPG games to her repertoire. Additionally, she is a casting producer and social media manager for Warm Springs Productions.

She saw her first beached humpback whale on a windy day in New York, met a ghost or angel in a Paris train station, and had Odin answer her prayers on a mountain in Scotland.

The Alternative Biography (Or That’s What Happens When You Have Your BFF Write Your Bio):

Like Zeus bursting from the thigh of Kronos, Gwendolyn Nix emerged on the writing and publishing scene in a flurry of poetic prose and meticulous editorial prowess. This Rocky Mountain mermaid smiths words like a wizard crafting a powerful spell. A born seeker of adventure, she has forged her skills in writing and science in the shark-infested waters of Belize, the infinite pathways of the brain, and limitless horizons of her own imagination.

Raised in the wilds of countless library stacks, Gwendolyn’s very fiber is typeset and bound amongst the great writers of her generation.

The machinations of her mind can only be described as awe-inspiring, legendary, and mythic – weaving worlds that Gods of every pantheon shudder in the wake of.



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