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Falling_DawnThe Falling Dawn: Book One of Celestial Scripts

Available Now from Crossroad Press

From the dregs of society, Eos soon becomes immersed in a world of ancient texts and falling angels, tasked to find the sacred Book of Raziel and stop a war in heaven. The secrets of the book will lead Eos down a path of betrayal, pitting her against those she loves, as well as causing her to cling to her crumbling sanity when a split personality entity arrives, heralded by the onset of Eos’ burgeoning powers. Soon, Eos finds herself in the clutches of the Master of the Oceans, where she must convince him to give her the sacred book. His price? Her soul.


Where The Veil Is Thin

Available Now from Outland Entertainment

These are not your daughter’s faerie stories…Around the world, there are tales of creatures that live in mist or shadow, hidden from humans by only the slightest veil. In Where the Veil Is Thin, these creatures step into the light. Some are small and harmless. Some are bizarre mirrors of this world. Some have hidden motives, while others seek justice against humans who have wronged them.In these pages, you will meet blood-sucking tooth fairies and gentle boo hags, souls who find new shapes after death and changelings seeking a way to fit into either world. You will cross the veil—but be careful that you remember the way back.

Sisterhood of the Blade

Available Now from Battlefield Press

Three women pull off what was thought to be a man’s job in 17th Century France in a new anthology from Battlefield Press.

In an age when it is not proper for a woman to be a soldier, three bright, savvy, and well-trained female warriors must hide who they are when they accept the burden of protecting and helping their queen. But once you meet these three musketeers, you’ll realize proper was never a concern. Together their tales are more than just a female version of the Three Musketeers, but a reimagining as if the queen had her own special guard.

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