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Falling_DawnThe Falling Dawn: Book One of Celestial Scripts

Available Now from Crossroad Press

From the dregs of society, Eos soon becomes immersed in a world of ancient texts and falling angels, tasked to find the sacred Book of Raziel and stop a war in heaven. The secrets of the book will lead Eos down a path of betrayal, pitting her against those she loves, as well as causing her to cling to her crumbling sanity when a split personality entity arrives, heralded by the onset of Eos’ burgeoning powers. Soon, Eos finds herself in the clutches of the Master of the Oceans, where she must convince him to give her the sacred book. His price? Her soul.



Sisterhood of the Blade

Coming from Battlefield Press in 2018

Three women pull off what was thought to be a man’s job in 17th Century France in a new anthology from Battlefield Press.

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