Editorial Services

Need a second pair of eyes on your novel or short story? Searching the high seas for someone who can give you an honest critique and overview, someone who will treat your work with care?

Hi. Nice to meet you.

Currently a senior editor for Outland Entertainment, I have edited for Ragnarok Publications, Crossroad Press, and Outland Entertainment. I work with novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories, flash fiction, graphic novels, and comics. I’ll tackle the meat and potatoes of your story through development and content editing.

Looking for a detail-oriented spotter? I’ll wrangle any stray commas and flag grammatical problems through copy editing.

Development/Content Editing Services: I’ll get immersed in your story and identify plot, character arcs and development, worldbuilding, and story structure (to name a few!). I’ll point out inconsistencies and flag weak spots in your tale, as well as give recommendations and feedback by in-text comments and a general universal overview of your story. I’ll help to make your story richer and deeper.

Line Editing/Copy Editing: I’ll read through your work with the utmost attention to detail, alerting you to grammatical errors, word and scene repetition, awkward phrases, and misspellings.

What I provide:

An edited manuscript with comments and in-text edits within the body of the story.

A universal review of the project, pointing out overall strengths and weaknesses.

Contact me about your project and let me know what you’re looking for!

“Gwen’s notes and edits are excellent. If I have a choice, I would totally ask for her back to do book two.”

–Michael Pogach, author of Spider in the Laurel and The Long Oblivion


“I’ll never use the word ‘just’ again.”

–Scott Colby, author of Deviant Magic series

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