Over at Outland Entertainment, I spoke about how I named my protagonist in my novel, The Falling Dawn: Celestial Scripts Book One. And no, I didn’t get Eos from the Canon camera or the lip balm. Link to the Article: https://outlandentertainment.com/whats-in-a-characters-name/

It was a pleasure to be featured on Rising Shadow this past week! My guest blog post “The Siren’s Song of the Trunk Novel” covered how I answered the enchanting call of my trunk novel, and how I completed it to be what is now my first novel, now published with Crossroad Press. Enjoy! Link to Rising Shadow guest post: https://www.risingshadow.net/articles/guest-posts/844-guest-post-the-siren-s-song-of-the-trunk-novel-by-gwendolyn-n-nix

I’m so excited to finally say Happy Book Birthday to my first novel, The Falling Dawn: Celestial Scripts Book One! It’s been a long journey to get to this point and finally seeing it on Amazon (with Prime shipping, you guys, Prime!) made me smile this big goofy grin. As a first-time author, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do in the marketing realm of things. I created my Amazon… Read More

Welcome to my official author site! This has been a long time coming—but I’m pleased to announce that my first novel, The Falling Dawn, will be releasing from Crossroad Press in 2018! It’s a big milestone for me and I’m happy to forge my path down this new (and terrifying) venture of having my work out there in the world for everyone to read and enjoy. My previous blog, Setera Silence, will… Read More